About The Founder

Meet Heidi the Founder

Having worked in the professional beauty industry for 13 years, Heidi brings a wealth of insider knowledge, meticulously separating fact from fiction and fad. It is her passion for luxury products that are gentle yet effective, which pioneered the production of Coco Loco.

For many years, Heidi has battled with a condition called folliculitis. It causes areas where she commonly shaves to become inflamed and irritated, resulting in the frequent use of long flowy skirts and maxi dresses. Not always conducive for someone who lives an active, beach lifestyle.  Fortunately, she stumbled on a beloved, natural skin care ingredient: coconut oil.

This simple yet magical ingredient has allowed her painful skin condition to subside bringing her beach-style wardrobe of flirty sundresses, shorts and leggy ensembles back into action. Unfortunately, Heidi still had some challenges using this ingredient.

She found that there were a number of issues with coconut oil products on the market. For one, the packaging. Pure coconut oil products are often found in glass containers. Although ideal for the kitchen, the shower was a hazardous location. The combination of coconut oil on your hands mixed with water from the shower would create a slick surface and jars would slip out of her hands and shatter under her bare feet. Another major issue was when it came to using skin care products “with coconut oil,” Heidi found that actual coconut oil would not even be listed in the first five ingredients.

Knowing that there had to be a better way, she took everything she had learned from her personal challenges, combined it with her experience in the beauty industry and a lot of love.  She is very eager to share her professional line of Coco Loco products with the world. 

Heidi’s firsthand knowledge in ingredient sourcing brings only the best, concentrated botanicals to Coco Loco’s products. She is proud to share her findings with her fellow coconut oil lovers. 

Our passion is to create approachable, affordable skin care products that actually deliver. We cut out all the fluff and “yucky stuff” in our products and stick to quality ingredients that are thoroughly vetted in the industry. Pure, natural resources and coconuts being delivered straight from our farming source in the Philippines make our line unmatched to other coconut-based products.

We are dedicated to providing skin care products that make you feel the most confident. The ingredients, which we handpick, help boost the coconut oil benefits, making your skin soft, sexy and happy.

In short, we are OBSESSED with what we have, so we just have to share!

We deal with enough on an everyday basis – work, family, social life – and understand that the last thing we need is an overflowing vanity of products that simply don’t work. Since skin care should be an enjoyable experience, that also gives you a small moment of “me” time, we want to take your skin on a tropical vacation (it deserves it!).

Life should feel like a day at the beach no matter the season, and Coco Loco brings you one step closer to the sand.

Pure and natural ingredients. No yucky stuff, just soft, sexy, happy skin!